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nights i stay up, cashin in my bad luck

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i love romanticizing things in my life like whenever i go for a walk in the woods, i like to imagine that there are magical creatures out there who might whisk me away without a moment's notice if did some specific action that i wouldn't think to do. or maybe i might walk into a different realm and then walk right back out again without knowing. or maybe there are fairies watching me curiously or wishing me well, and i wouldn't even know it. or maybe, when i grasp the end of a branch and look away for a moment, it could become a caring hand that's holding me steady as i walk across a fallen log, but when i let go or look back it becomes a tree's branch again

ive listened to some electroswing but i can already tell you there will never be a better one than Pepper Steak from the OFF soundtrack

The Beatles, Nirvana, Beck, Avril Lavigne | Dear Loser

Mashup I made a few months ago and think sounds real cool

full title is "Dear Loser, Your Girlfriend is Plain"

i should post here more often

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Echo The People | Cool Kicks

A mashup! Because I was thinking about the music of my youth, and remembered these two songs and realized they fit scarily well. Turns out its the same key (one is in the relative minor of the other) and nearly the same bpm.

No joke or juxtaposition like a good mashup should have, but whatever.

There's also a small bit of audio trickery going on to make it sound a bit better that I'm sorta proud of. Not really noticeable but whatev.

Maxie Satan | Gates of Hell

Made this one about a year and a half ago at this point, when I first got on a Famitracker kick. I don't always feel like making chiptunes, but I'm glad I learned - it's fun to mess around with that stuff once in a while, and I think it probably strengthened me as a composer to work within those limitations for a spell. Might make some more in the coming months if I find the time.

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Welcome to the Website, Yeah!

Tumblr replacement, yay!

Honestly I'd love to see this site do well. Seems pretty great.