help i refreshed the page too quick to like an art piece on the sidebar now its gone

it was a face-on view of a character from the chest up, there was a lot of pink, and it had a horn

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2day.. i give u her. tmrw....... who knowz

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New horns and eyes. Lookin more dragon-y and I like it.

russian nicknames are on a whole nother level

[ID: A table of Russian names and their many corresponding nicknames in both cyrillic and latin script. From the first name, Dmitriy, come the nicknames Dima, Dimakha, Dimasha, Dimulia, Dimusia, Dimusha, Mitra, Mitrasha, Mutriukha, Mitria, Mitiunia, Mitia and Mitiay. End ID.]

alexa kill this noob

hes been harrassing me

hows everybody FUCKING doing toay

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Art of my sister's character Sariel, which I drew as a christmas gift for her! You can find the character's Toyhouse page here

help i refreshed the page too quick to like an art piece on the sidebar now its gone

it was a face-on view of a character from the chest up, there was a lot of pink, and it had a horn

A Comprehensive Guide to Moving

thegilthaventimes -

Though it is a universal experience, moving out of the temple you were raised in can be a daunting experience. However, the staff here at the Gilt Haven Times have compiled a list of objectives to keep in mind that will assist you in this endeavor.

1. Don’t forget that this is a fresh start for you:

We suggest you set all of your belongings ablaze in the center of the room you are vacating. Do not keep or leave any remnants of your previous identity; a clean slate is a must! As attached as you may be to the skeletons in your closet, you can always attain new skeletons of a higher quality. The world is full of potential skeletons. Gaze intensely into the flames as your possesions ignite, and know that any regret that fills your heart is a temporary and useless thing.

2. A suitable living place is one that is mostly unoccupied:

As we all know, the most competitive housing market is for caves. Despite the difficulties this raises, it is imperative you find a cave as vacant of life as possible.

If you are among those with a more refined taste, the Gilt Haven Burial Grounds offers an unparalleled selection of mausoleum complexes.

Both caves and man-made tombs have lovely acoustics and the echoes provide you the ability to rap battle yourself.

3. Comfortable sleeping quarters are essential for quality rest; self care 2020:

We recommend that you acquire either a sensory deprivation chamber, or a coffin. You may wonder why this is necessary, probably because you have spent your formative years sleeping on the floor. Always remember (although the memory of your exile is painful to visit) you have been cast out from the temple and are free from the old restrictions of temple-life.

4. Be prepared for the painful realities of living on your own

Existing on Earth comes at a cost. All of us will hurt, all of us will feel emotional and physical pain as we proceed through life.

The essentials of every first aid kit are as follows:

Arsenic: if you suffer from the most common ailment, a broken heart, this is the most effective cure. Kill your former lover by spiking their drink with, like, a lot of arsenic. This is the only way to ensure your own continued peaceful existence. Get them before they get you.

Alcohol: Also an effective cure for heartbreak if you follow the recommended prescription: A lot, very often, to excess, black out for a year of your life, rob a vinyard, get caught, sober up in jail, contemplate our broken justice system, break out, break back in to grab a sovenier, break out again, pick up where you left off.

Cacti: Ease the loneliness of existence by keeping a few spiky companions. Sing 80’s pop songs to these, your only friends. I think we're alone now...

5. Personalisation will make you feel right at home

An accessory that took Gilt Haven by storm as one of 1788’s most chic accoutrements, shrunken heads have been trending ever since the 80s. They are both a conventional conversation piece and prominent member of every traditional Gilt Haven household.

A Final Note:

This list is created with the needs of Gilt Haveners in mind, but for the interlopers who are considering Gilt Haven as a permanent destination, the Times has these cheering words of advice and encouragement:

If you are evading the law, vengeful deities, or your extended family, Gilt Haven is the place for you; however, do not entertain ideas of departing from Gilt Haven once you settle here. Your presence here is a commitment, one that you need not be living in order to fufill. Straying will not bode well for you, as evidenced by numerous escape attempts made by previous newcomers.

"Ich trinke Schampus mit Lachsfisch!" I love songs in languages i understand but the german bit in this song makes me go *cowboy emoji*

anywayz my Sparklecare phase is back in full force

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just a shark boi hanging out in the water

Did You Know?

The American Dream started off as a mockery of a short-lived Englishman's Dream.

The Englishman's Dream, popular in the early 1890s, claimed that an Englishman should strive for a simple life rather than trying for fame and glory, as in modern society this would lead to a vapid and unfulfilling life. It circulated through some newspapers and magazines but was never really exceptionally well known.

Americans saw it as a sort of defeatism trying to keep people from achieving greatness and countered with the idea that in America, anyone can become successful.

The Englishman's Dream lost traction a few years into the 1900s but was referred to in some propaganda from WWII.

smack a bitch with a giant plush shark

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A picture says a thousand words, but a video says a million. A new site coming soon from the team behind Waterfall.

With the New Year here, we thought it was a good time to announce the next stage of Waterfall's support for creators.

Introducing Glacier, a new way to share video content. A separate site, but tightly integrated into WF - if you have an account here, you have an account there!

Coming soon!

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Remember when y'all said "do Youtube next"?

anyone got any examples of this style of editing?

back around 2009 - 2011 or so it looks like there were a lot of videos in this style that tends to include several unrelated elements, building scenes out of preexisting assets (usually still images), original video elements placed in the same way that often involve having the subject fuck around in front of a green screen, and bright flashing colors that usually warrant a seizure warning

all the examples I remembered were music videos and one ytpmv, i think this could be general enough to get what I mean? (please note that all of these do indeed warrant a seizure warning)

[Seu Madruga Will Go On]( "the ytpmv)

Dan Deacon - The Crystal Cat

Dan Deacon - Okie Dokie

Dan Deacon - Woof Woof

Math The Band - Why Didn't You Get A Haircut

Bo Burhman - Words Words Words

In case anyone was wondering how I feel about The State of Things right now

this bitch doesn't have any reason

a boy or a bird /thinkingnoise

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i just want wings dammit

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wings on my body to fly with AND boneless chicken wings. i need both

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i just want wings dammit

1 note

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Man if i just put a bunch of commas in the tag line, will it be a bunch of commas or a bunch of hashtags

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Awnn man it just turns up blank

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2020 goals

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  • become a real life catboy

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  • catplasty

very very tired...

Here's the sketch of the snapdragons I did and tried to upload on that last post that broke.